Bach St Matthews Passion

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  • 4 Chorales
    • Receive me, my redeemer
      • No 21
      • E Major
      • identical harmony to here would I stand beside me but in different keys
    • O sacred head, surrounded by crown
      • No 63
      • Respse to and they spit on him - sung by the evangelist in no 62
      • High register
      • React to the humiliation of Christ
    • Be near me, Lord when dying
      • No 72
      • Ends in tonal ambiguity
        • Points believers to their death and the terror and uncertainty of It
      • Chramatic and expressive setting
      • Death, anguish, pain and woe
        • Use of Tritone
      • low register: A sense of darkness
    • Here would I stand beside me
      • No 23
      • Eb Major
  • No 22
    • Peter's denial foretold by Christ
      • Chramatic A Flat note on word "Die" both expressive and points towards Eb Major modulation
      • Shift of tonality shows unsettled mood of the disciples


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