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What features of Bach's Cantata show that it was written in the
Baroque period?
Use of a Hemiola rhythm ­ Final 2 bars of Section 1 (Bar 42)
Use of the Trumpet ­ made without valves in the Baroque period, and
uses crooks, therefore can only play notes within the harmonic series
Instrumentation was tuned to 415Hz, rather than the 420Hz we use
nowadays, therefore the tuning was nearly a semitone lower.…read more

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Which elements of Bach's Cantata represents the meanings and
intentions of the text?
Follows natural speech rhythms ­ short phrases
Db over an Eb chord ­ Represents pain ­ Movement 2, bar 2
Diminished 7th
interval ­ Displays misery, creates a flattened 9th chord
Sustained chordal accompaniment highlights the text.…read more


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