Announcement of the Passion from St. Matthew Passion, Bach

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Context within work

  • Movement 2 from Bach's St. Matthew's Passion
  • Follows opening chorus which finishes with a Tierce de Picardie and a chord of E major.
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Other Content

  • The start of the story.
  • Evangelist: narrator/story teller.
  • Begins in G major. The top note of the first chord in the continuo is the same as the previous movement. 
  • Starts at recitative secco: an unaccompanied line. This puts the focus on the vocal line. 
  • The melody line is diatonic, triadic, matter of fact and reflect speech rhythms. Rests are used to deliniate the short phrases. 
  • When Jesus' voice comes in, it becomes recitative accompagnato as strings enter for the words of Christ.
  • At this point, there is a chromatic move to D major. There is a faster rate of harmonic change to represent Christ's importance. 
  • There is a melisma on crucified, highlighting its importance. Otherwise, its syllabic. 
  • The piece is B minor at the end. Chromaticism is used. The change of key reflects the word: 'crucified'.
  • There is a perfect cadence at the end in B minor. 
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