3.3 communication in business

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  • 3.3
    • methods of communication
      • verbal/spoken; phone, meeting, presentation
        • disadv: no record of the discussion, expensive, waiting times, may be many listeners, takes time and effort
        • adv: good for discussion, exchanging ideas, speaker has time to prepare, questions can be asked, immediate
      • non-verbal/written: letter, email, text, social media, website
        • adv: can: provide a record of conversation, be fast, can be sent in bulk, saves money, done online, good for short or long messages.
        • disadv: can: take time, be unreliable, might not check message, only limited explanation given, not easy to judge how successful the message is, cannot pre view
    • importance of communication
      • business operations communication: production needs to know what good and how many to make, discussion about quality
      • communications about finance: may need to communicate to the bank for loans, bills and payments need to make records with accounts department
      • communications with government: business need to know gov regulations and safety and environment regs. business may ask gov for help
      • marketing communication: research to be done, important for selling, communication within sales team
      • communications about human resources: worker need to be recruited and appraised and problems within them need to be solved
    • effect of digital communication on business functions
      • marketing: can sell online, changed marketing, competition increase, new business opportunities.
      • human resources: working while mobile is easier recruitment is easier, increased worker productivity
      • operations: highly automated production.


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