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Business Studies
Unit 1…read more

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1. Starting A Business
1.1 Starting a Business 1.3 Business Planning
Enterprise · the purpose of business planning
· sources of business ideas · the main sections within a
· looking for a gap in the market business start-up
· identification of a product or plan
market niche · uncertainty and risk for start-up
· reasons for starting a business businesses.
· franchises.
1.4 Choosing the Appropriate Legal
1.2 Setting Business Aims and Structure for
Objectives the Business
· types of business aims and · sole trader
objectives · partnership
· purpose of setting objectives · private limited company (ltd).
· using business objectives to 1.5 Choosing the Location of the
measure success Business
· influence of stakeholders on · factors influencing start-up
business location decisions.
objectives.…read more

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1.1 Starting a Business Enterprise
The idea
Research the market
Develop the idea
Protect the idea
Launch the business…read more

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1.2 Setting Business Aims and
· Objectives ­ targets that need
to be achieved to reach the
overall aim
· These include
· Profit
· Aims ­ the overall purpose of the profit maximisation ­ to make the
business most profit possible
· Includes objectives to reach the
aims Profit satisfaction ­ to make
· Objectives must be enough profit to keep the
· Specific
owners satisfied
· Measurable · Survival
· Agreed/ attainable · Growth
· Realistic · Provide goods and services
· Time specific · Customer satisfaction
· Social considerations /
business ethics
· Employees welfare…read more

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1.3 Business Planning
· Definition ­ is a report · Contents of a business plan
setting out the objectives, · Missions and aims
financial projections and · Objectives
market analysis of an · Details of product and service
organisations ­ what makes the product
· Purpose ­ to make the different (USP)
entrepreneur think carefully · Information on market and
about what they are doing, competitors
planning make them look in · Funding and forecasting
some detail at the different · Estimates of sales, costs ,
aspects of the ideas and revenue and profits
consider some potential · Marketing
problems. It is also a useful · Resources
document if you are hoping · Timescale
to raise finance.…read more

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1.4 Choosing the Appropriate Legal
Structure for the Business
· Sole trader ­ is a business owned by a
single person who has unlimited liability
· Partnership ­ two to twenty people in
business together where partners are
jointly responsible for debts
· Private limited company (ltd) ­ has
shareholders but its shares cannot be
advertised on the stock exchange…read more

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A large and comprehensive presentation going through unit 1 of the GCSE exam. Students could use it for last minute revision, to create their own revision resources or to look up particular bits.



last minute revision



last minute revision



last minute revision 

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