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  • Unit 303
    • Face Shapes
    • Eye Shapes
      • Round, oriental, prominent, overhanging, closeset, wideset, deepset, small
    • Nose Shapes
      • Long, short, broad, crooked
    • Lip Shapes
      • Small, thin, thick upper, thick lower, lines around the lips, uneven
    • Skin types
      • Oily, dry, combination, normal
    • Skin tones
      • Warm, cool, neutral
    • Skin Condition
      • Sensitive, mature, dehydrated
    • Tertiary colours
      • Red/orange, yellow/orange, yellow/green, blue/green, blue purple, red/purple.
      • Tertiary, secondary, primary are the principle of colour
    • The quality of colour
      • Hue - colour itself, Intensity - the brightness of a colour, Saturation - how much warmth has been added, Tone - adding grey, Tint - adding white, Shade - adding black
    • Colour schemes
      • Monochromatic - the gradient, different tone, shade and tint of a single hue. Complimentary/harmonious - opposites on the colour wheel. Analogous - next to each other on the colour wheel
    • Medias
      • High fashion, commercial, editorial, catwalk, fashion shows, photographic, TV, film, HD
    • Lighting
      • Incandescent, fluorescent, daylight, evening light, studio
    • Backdrops
      • Black, white, coloured, patterent


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