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Is responsible for the different things such as height and weight. it is also to do with the devleopment of the muscles and the struture of the brain. It can also be linked to genetics, diet and illness.

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the skills and knowledge that children gain

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a repeated action, way of doing something or way of thinking reasoning that can be spefic or generalised.

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a term used to describe a style of working with children in which adults help the children to aquire information.

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theory of the mind

children recoginsing their own conscious mind and understanding that other people will have different thoughts to them

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percentile chart

is used to plot a childs growth. This is to see if the child is growing at the average weight and height for their age.

the 50th percentile is the median- it repersents the middle of the range of growth patterns.

the 91st percentile is near the top of the range. the height of an indivual child was on the 91st percentile would be the typical group of 100 children

the 10th percentile is near the bottom of the range. If a child was on the 9th percentile 8 children would measure less and 91 would measure more.

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