2.2.3 - Private acts of worship [Du'a Prayer]

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  • 2.2.3 - Private acts of worship [Du'a prayer]
    • Du'a: A private prayer in which Muslims bring their special concerns to Allah. Means 'asking'
    • May include thanksgiving to Allah, asking for forgiveness or requests for his help
    • By carrying out Du'a prayer, seeking Allah's guidance showing faith in Allah's closeness and immediacy to them
    • May choose to do in own language, or recite other Arabic prayers
    • Said at any time of the day
    • May include prayer beads
      • Pass between forefinger and thumb
      • Has 33 or 99 beads, used to recite the 99 names of Allah / repeat phrases that glorify Allah
      • Many don't agree with use as Muhammad didn't use them
      • Instead, use fingers to count recitations during their personal prayers


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