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Give two instances when Catholics can pray together.
In the mass and liturgical worship.
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What is public worship?
When Catholics pray together.
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What is private prayer/worship?
When Catholics pray on their own.
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What are formulaic prayers?
Prayers that have been passed down through Catholic tradition.
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Give four examples of formulaic prayers.
The Our Father, the Hail Prayer, the Glory Be and Hail Mary.
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What is extempore prayer?
Prayer which is made up by the worshipper.
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Why do people pray?
To build a relationship with God.
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Why is the Our Father a model for prayer? (ACTS.)
As it contains adoration, confession, thanksgiving and supplication.
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Why is adoration used in prayer?
As it praises God for all He has §done.
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Why is confession/repentance important in prayer?
As it is admitting to sins and asking for forgiveness.
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Why is thanksgiving important in prayer?
As it thanks God for everything.
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Why is supplication important in prayer? (2.)
As it is asking God to do things for others and the worshipper, showing his omnibenevolence.
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What do Catholics ave a long tradition of doing for the dead?
Praying for them.
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What can a person ask a priest to do for a dead person?
Include them in the Eucharistic Prayer, to help them get eternal life with God in Heaven.
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What is public worship?


When Catholics pray together.

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What is private prayer/worship?


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What are formulaic prayers?


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Give four examples of formulaic prayers.


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