2.1 Algorithms

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  • Algorithms
    • Computational Thinking
      • The steps you take to find the best solution to a complex problem
    • Abstraction
      • Picking out the important bits of information from the problem, ignoring the specific details that don’t matter
    • Decomposition
      • Breaking a complex problem down into smaller problems and solving each one individually
    • Algorithmic thinking
      • A logical way of getting from the problem to the solution
      • If the steps you take to solve the problem follow an algorithm then they can be reused and adapted to solve similar problems in the future.
    • Algorithms
      • A set of instructions for solving a problem
    • Searches
      • Linear
        • A search that checks each item of a list
      • Binary
        • A search that looks for items in an ordered list
    • Sorting
      • Bubble
        • A sorting algorithm that compares pairs of items
      • Merge
        • A sorting algorithm that splits the list apart and then merges it back together
      • Insertion
        • A sorting algorithm that orders the items in a list as it goes
    • Pseudocode
      • A set of instructions in the style of a programming language but uses plain English 
    • Flow Diagram
      • A graphical way of showing an algorithm


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