Computer Science Algorithms

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  • Algorithms
    • Main Features
      • Should be precise, well-defined and finite.
      • A computer programs are implementation of an algorithm
      • An algorithm is a sequence of instructions that perform a specific task when followed
      • Algorithms are abstract and independent of any system.
    • Methods of Representation
      • Pseudocode
        • Informal description
        • Intended for human reading but resembles code,
        • NO standardised syntax
      • Flowcharts
        • Has Start and End in an elipse
        • Has Processes being carried out in Rectangles
        • Has decisions being made inside diamonds or rhombus'.
    • Examples of algorithms
      • Linear algorithm
        • Works by checking each element to see if it matches the target
        • Repeats until match is found or the whole list has been checked
        • (for i in range(len(list)): if i == target: return target)
      • Binary Algorithm
        • Continually divides list by two, eliminating the part of the list that cannot have your item in it
        • The list must be fully ordered first to eliminate without any certainty
        • Works by simplification, unlike linear search which works bu brute force.


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