Presidents 1969-89 and African American Civil Rights

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  • 1968-89 Presidents and African American Civil Rights
    • Richard Nixon (1969-74)
      • Executive Order 11578
        • Required all employers with federal contracts to draft affirmative action policies to actively promote AAs
      • Positive Discrimination
      • Opposed busing
    • Jimmy Carter (1977-81)
      • Positive Discrimination Legislation
      • Much work undone
      • Criticised for limited measures
      • Economic problems dominated
        • Higher oil prices causing inflation and general slump in US economy
    • Ronald Reagan (1981-1989)
      • The Voting Rights Act of 1982
        • Strengthened penalties against discrimination
      • Civil Rights Restoration Act of 1987
        • Reagan attempted to veto it but failed
        • Meant all states had to comply to all civil rights laws in order to receive federal funds
        • Was watered down to use 'abortion neutral' language - leading to outrage among women rights activists
      • Replaced Drew Days III with conservative lawyer William Bradford Reynolds who believed "government imposed discrimination" had "created a kind of racial spoils system in America" favouring historically disadvantages whites
      • Reduction of welfare benefits fell disproportionately on AA population


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