History - The Yalta Conference

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  • 1945 The Yalta Conference
    • Churchill, Stalin & Roosevelt
    • 4th - 11th Feb
    • Agreed on some of the same things as Teheran, but with some changes
      • Germany when defeated: demilitarised, reduced in size & have to pay reparations
      • Plans for how Germany would be divided, began
      • Nazi Party would be banned, & war criminals tried in front of an international court
      • United Nation s Organisation (UN) would replace the League of Nations
      • USSR would declare war on Japan 3 months after the defeat of Germany
      • Poland should be in the 'Soviet Sphere of Influence' but be run on 'a broader democratic basis'
    • Conference was a success large due to the understanding established between Stalin & Roosevelt at Teheran
    • Splits were growing
    • Britain & USA had been reluctant to agree to Poland becomming communist
    • Stalin wanted Poland as a buffer between the USSR & the West
    • Britain entered  WW2 to defend Poland, while America wished to avoid communism spreading further West


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