1.4 Types of settings

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  • 1.4 Types of settings
    • Health care environments
      • hospital, G.P. surgery
      • surgical procedures involve contact with body fluids that can contain pathogens
      • tasks involving hazardous chemicals can lead to accidental spillages
      • stress can be experienced in these settings
    • Transport
      • minibus, ambulance
      • slips getting on/off minibus
      • wheelchairs not secured properly
      • faulty seatbelts may cause accidents
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    • Care environments
      • residential care home, individual's home
      • vulnerable immune systems can be damaged by pathogens
        • more susceptible to infections
      • visual or mobility impairments mean they are more susceptible to having falls
    • Public environments
      • shopping centres, parks
      • slips, trips and falls
      • food poisoning from food outlets
      • harm and violence from abusive or violent people
    • Child care environments
      • creches, schools
      • children have immature immune systems
        • more susceptible to illnesses
      • children may not recognise potential hazards
        • choking on food
        • not washing hands
        • picking up dropped food


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