1.4 nature of humanity

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  • human beings are rational
    • creation and the nature of humanity
      • human beings have free will and conscience
        • determining right from wrong
          • encouraging to do right not evil
            • once you have sinned life is harder- shows in genesis
        • 'by free will humans are capable of directing themselves towards true god
      • human beings can relate to god
        • in the absence of god they yearn for him
        • misinterpret as a longing for things/possessions
          • in the absence of god they yearn for him
      • can give and receive God
        • can never be whom they are intended to be until the enter into the divine life of giving and receving love
      • human beings are answerable to god
        • authority of god over human beings
        • 'in the day you eat of it you shall die'
      • dominion and steweardship
        • first rule to dominate the earth
          • second rule so care for it- stewardship
            • 'mastery of self'
            • must rule with consideration and compassion
    • can reflect
      • capable of understanding the order of things


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