Principle 1

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  • Patient Expectations
    • Listened to
    • Principle 1: Putting patients' interests first
      • You MUST
        • adopt an approach which is holistic and preventative
          • holistic: psychological, social, oral health, and their desires.
          • preventative: follow the clinical guidelines e.g. Toolkit
        • listen
          • discuss all options, listen carefully, allow questions
        • hygienic and safe environment
          • Follow laws regarding: disposal clinical waste, radiography, health and safety, decontamination, medical devices, medical emergencies, reporting of needle-sticks
          • Up-to-date vaccinations
        • dignity and respect
          • tone of voice, body language, individual needs and values, kindness and compassion, manage their pain and anxiety
        • do not discriminate
          • Protected characteristics: age, disability, gender reassignment, sex, sexual orientation, marriage/civil partnership, pregnancy/maternity, race, religion/belief. or any lifestyle choices
          • reasonable adjustments to be made for disabilities
          • must not express personal political/religious/moral beliefs in anyway that could distress pt
        • be honest and act with integrity
          • in all professional, business and educational dealings. Any advertising must be accurate and not misleading
          • do not bring profession into disrepute (low esteem by public)
        • appropriate arrangements in place to seek compensation
          • Have insurance/indemnity in place. Contact the provider ASAP when a claim is made.
        • follow the laws and regulations that affect your work
          • including: data protection, employment, human rights and equality
        • patients' interests > your own  /colleague/ business/  organisation
          • Refuse any gifts that could affect your personal judgement. E.g. Chocolates probably fine, but significant value of money not acceptable - if fall out with patient you "owe" them something
          • Make it clear which treatments are offered on the NHS. Must not pressurise patients into having private.
          • If you work in purely private practice, must make patients aware most treatments are available for free on the NHS
          • Should not stop seeing patient solely because of a complaint the patient has made about you
          • If you decide to end a professional relationship, you must be able to justify why, and should write to the patient to explain this, then make arrangements for the continuing care of the patient
          • if patient at risk due to your/your colleagues  health/behaviour, must take action
          • Referrals only in best interests of patient not for financial gain
    • cultures and values respected
    • act honestly and with integrity
    • all aspects of their health will be considered
    • Their interests > financial gain/ commerece
    • redress if suffer harm
    • pain and anxiety managed
    • clean and safe environment
    • reasonable adjustments made for disabilities


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