William James' views on religious experience.

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What is a Mystical Experience?
Direct contact or oneness with God.
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What's a Numinous Experience?
Awe and wonder in the presence of God.
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What's a Corporate experience?
A number of people having a religious experience at the same time an in the same place.
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What's the RERC?
Religious Experience Research Centre.
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When was the RERC founded?
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How many Britons did the RERC found had felt 'close to a powerful spiritual force?
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How many Americans did the RERC find 'felt close to a powerful spiritual force?' or have an experience they found religious.
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William James' 'Varieties of Religious Experience were a summary of lectures conducted in what year?
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What did William James see religion as?
'the feelings,acts, and experiences of individual men in their solitude, so far as they apprehend themselves to stand in relation to whatever they may consider the divine'
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What's did James feel was at the 'heart' of true religion?
Religious Experiences.
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What are teachings and practices to William James?
Second hand religion, developed as a result of reflection on common experience.
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What three main areas does William James investigate?
Conversion, prayer, the phenomenon of saintliness.
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What does religious conversion mean?
The movement from a divided/ imperfect self, to a more unified consciousness.
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What are James' four criteria for mystical experiences?
Ineffable, Noetic,Passive,Transient.
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What's it mean if a mystical experience is ineffable?
Beyond proper description, no description from words.
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What's it mean for a mystical experience to be Noetic?
Not just feelings, gives deep and direct knowledge of God.
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What does it mean for a mystical experience to be transient?
Temporary, cannot be sustained, effects may last and subsequent experiences can develop and deepen effects.
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Why's a mystical experience Passive?
Not initiated by the mystic, they have a sense of something acting upon them.
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What's a Numinous Experience?


Awe and wonder in the presence of God.

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What's a Corporate experience?


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What's the RERC?


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When was the RERC founded?


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