Why Should I Be Governed AS Terminology Quiz

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1. Define: The State Of Nature (SON)

  • Which natural rights humans do have and not have
  • A society without any formal structures or government
  • How humans behave
  • A governmental society
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2. Define: Tacit Consent

  • An implicit agreement made clear by one's behaviour
  • A proposition that has no correspondance in the real world
  • Consent given to the state through reason
  • Consent provided by positive freedom

3. Define: General Will

  • What is best for individuals
  • What is best for everyone as a group
  • What is best for the majority of individuals
  • What is the worst for the group, what they will NOT to happen

4. Define: Positive Freedom

  • The restrictions on freedom are internal
  • The restrictions on freedom come from God
  • The restrictions on freedom are external
  • The restrictions on freedom are from society

5. Define: Hypothetical Consent

  • Not actual, but a theory based upon reason
  • Consent given without discussion
  • Actual and based upon reason
  • An implicit agreement


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