Why Should I Be Governed AS Terminology Quiz

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1. Define: General Will

  • What is best for individuals
  • What is the worst for the group, what they will NOT to happen
  • What is best for everyone as a group
  • What is best for the majority of individuals
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2. Define: Dissent

  • A closed disagreement with the state
  • A closed agreement with the state
  • An open disagreement with the state
  • An open agreement with the state

3. Define: Egosim

  • A popular contract signed by everyone in a state to show their acceptance to authority
  • Self-interested
  • Un-egostic
  • Kind

4. Define: Tyranny

  • A government in which no one rules
  • A government in which a single ruler is vested with absolute power
  • A government in which a party represent the people
  • A government where the majority rule

5. Define: Negative Freedom

  • Freedom from restriction or restraint, external
  • Where you are free to control your actions
  • An implicit agreement
  • Tyranny


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