What is Unemployment

A quick quiz about macroeconimc topic Unemploymen

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1. Seasonal Unemployment is most common in the...

  • The primary sector
  • The secondary sector
  • The manufacturing industry
  • The tourism and leisure industry
  • The service industry
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2. Structural Unemployment is the result of the job seeker's...

  • Level of Skill
  • Wage Rate
  • Credit Record
  • Work History

3. Casual Unemployment

  • When the worker is employed by the firm at irregular periods.
  • When the worker chooses to remain unemployed
  • When newly migrated workers are seeking employment
  • When the unemployed persons participate in illegal activity

4. Unemployment is....

  • A situation where an economy is recession and firms reduce their workforce
  • When a person who is willing and able to work is unable to find a job
  • When labour is made redundant
  • When an economy does not use all of its labour force

5. A person becomes search unemployed as result

  • Seeking a desirable occupation
  • None of the above
  • Searching for jobs
  • Being on the claimant count


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