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Unemployment occurs when a person who is
willing and able to work is unable to find a job..
A measurement of unemployment in an
economy is the unemployment rate. This is the
number of unemployed people divided by the
number of people in the economy's labour
force. Unemployment is measured using the
claimant count(those on JSA) and the labour
force survey.…read more

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Different types of unemployment apply to
different situations..
So in this case, the
employment is only
temporary and the
Casual Unemployment
worker can be made
occurs when the
redundant by the firm
worker is employed by
or may choose to leave.
the firm at irregular
Therefore whenever
the employee is not
working, they're
"Casually Unemployed"…read more

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Types of Unemployment
Cyclical The effect of this means
Unemployment that as the unemployment
rate rises, disposable
Cyclical Unemployment income in the economy
occurs when the costs of Low begins to fall. As income
production for a firm decrease, aggregate
demand for goods and
become to great, due
services decreases as well.
falling demand. So the Consumption
Costs The decreased aggregate
firm reduces these costs demand means that
by making some of its production costs for firms
employees redundant. will begin to rise, so the firm
makes even more workers
Household Workers redundant , creating a cycle
of unemployment.
falls…read more

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Types of Unemployment
Unemployment For example if an
employee from a firm
Frictional has found occupation
Unemployment occurs elsewhere but cannot
when there is a lag in begin the job
time period between immediately. For the
when employees are time period between
transitioning between quitting their current
different occupations, job and starting the
jobs and even locations. other, they're are
Unemployed"…read more

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Types of Unemployment
This means that the
unemployed person
Search Unemployment
chooses to remain
occurs when a person
unemployed with the
who is actively
intention of getting a
searching for
better occupation, even
employment is unable
if in some cases, a less
to find work
desirable occupation as
been offered to them.…read more

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Types of Unemployment
Regional Unemployment occurs when a specific region in a
country geographically has a relatively higher unemployment
rate than the rest of the country's average unemployment
If a large majority of firms choose to relocate from a region or there
is no investment in labour in that area, then the unemployment rate
Explanation in the region is going to be high as many people living there will be
out of work as a result of this, thus the area's labour force becomes
regionally unemployed.…read more

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