what to do in highschool

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1. what do you chose for subjects?

  • all the logical ones.
  • Math. Science. Geography.
  • Creative stuff. Fun stuff.
  • English.. History .. pizza... wait what?
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2. chose a name

  • louis
  • nelson
  • sam
  • james

3. which minion is the best?

  • carl
  • kevin
  • Bob. always bob.
  • phil

4. so quick one: who is the best person to talk to?

  • no one
  • that support person who smells of incense and rocks.
  • teacher
  • headteacher

5. so back to school... which food do you eat that is SAFE?

  • salad tryin' to be healthy.
  • pizza
  • nothing.
  • that burger with the mould on.


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