Welsh revision

Welsh revision for second language oral

Rydw i'n meddwl bod... yn
I think that... is
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Ar hyd o bryd
At the moment
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Beth bynnag
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Bob amser
All the time
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O dro i dro
From time to time
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Fel arfer
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Yn anffodus
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Bob tro
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Yn fy marn i
In my opinion
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Ar un llaw/Ar y llaw arall
On one hand/ On the other hand
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Mae'n rhaid
You must
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Dylai pawb
Everyone should
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Rydw i'n credu
I believe
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Dydw i ddim yn credu
I don't believe
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Dylen ni
We should
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Gallwn ni
We can
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Mae'n rhaid i ni
We must
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Byddwn i
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Mae.... yn dweud
.... says
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Mae llawer o bobl ifanc yn yfed alcohol yn eitha aml
Many young peopel drink alcohol fairly frequently
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Mae rhai yn yfed alcohol bob wythnos
Some drink alcohol every week
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Mae diodydd fel alcopops yn denu pobl ifanc i yfed nhw
Drinks like alcopops attract young people to drink them
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Mae gormod o alcohol yn effeithio ar eich personoliaeth
Too much alcohol affects your personality
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Mae rhai pobl yn ymladd ar ôl yfed llawer o alcohol
some people fight aftre drinking too much alcohol
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Mae alcohol yn lladd y celloedd sydd yn eich pen
Alchol kills the cells in your head
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Mae yfed alcohol yn rhoi pen tost i fi
Drinking alcohol gives me a bad head
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Mae yfed alcohol yn rhoi hyder i fi i wneud ffrindiau newydd
Drinking alcohol gives me confidence to make new friends
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At the moment


Ar hyd o bryd

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All the time


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From time to time


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