It is stormy
Hay tormenta
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It's sunny
Hace sol
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Esta nublado
Its cloudy
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Hace viento
Its windy
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Its sunny
Esta soleado
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Its good weather
Hace bien tiempo
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Hace mal tiempo
Its bad weather
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Its hot
Hace calor
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There are clouds
Hay nubes
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Its raining
Esta lloviendo
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Its snowing
Esta nevando
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Whats the weather like today?
Que tiempo hace?
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When its windy I like doing windsurfing
Cuando hace veinte me gusta hacer a windsurf
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Yesterday it was stormy
Ayer hubo tormenta
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Ayer estuvo nublado
Yesterday its was cloudy
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In the morning it was cold
Por la mañana hizo frio
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Preterite of HAY
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Preterite of ESTA
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Preterite of HACE
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During the holidays it was stormy all day
Durante las vacaciones había tormenta todos los dia
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During the holidays it was sunny every day
Durante las vacaciones estaba soleado todos las días
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Durante al dia hacia frio
During the day it was cold
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Imperfect of HACE
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Imperfect of HAY
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Imperfect of ESTA
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It's going to rain tomorrow
Va a llover mañana
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Mañana va a estará sol
Tomorrow it will be sunny
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There will be storms tomorrow
Habra tormenta
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It's sunny


Hace sol

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Esta nublado


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Hace viento


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Its sunny


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