Weather Terms (Present Tense)

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  • Spanish Weather Terms (Present Tense)
    • Hace sol- It's sunny
    • Hace viento- It's windy
    • Hace buen tiempo- It's good weather
    • Hace mal tiempo- It's bad weather
    • Hace calor- It's hot
    • Hace frio- It's cold
    • Llueve- It's raining
    • Nieva- It's snowing
    • Hay niebla- It's foggy
    • Hay tormenta- It's stormy
    • El cielo esta despejado- The sky is clear
    • El cielo esta nublado- The sky is cloudy/overcast
  • Remember, as this is the present tense, 'Hacer' takes the form 'Hace'


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