Vietnam and Korean wars

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"The Asian Cold War" heated up in where?
Korea (For the USA) for 3 years 1950-53
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The Korean war was the first what since WW2?
Shooting War
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When did China become Communist?
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North Korean Leader?
Kim Il Sung
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South Korean Leader?
Syngman Rhee
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What turned into a international conflict?
The Korean Civil war between the South and North when the North invaded the South, so USA responded
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Truman the sneaky snek
He never went to the UN instead he signed a declaration of national emergency which authorized to send troops to Korea for a "Police action"
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General MacArthur
In command of the "Police force", because he was the highest ranking General in the region, he was popular with the press, not with the president or the other generals, with the USA and Korean troops pushed back where the countries split
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Korea unified as a non unified state???
Truman tried to unify the two half's but failed, there was a peace treaty but sticking point- Chinese and North Korean prisoners didn't want to go back to their communist countries
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Eisenhower (against Stevenson A looser) won election, people sick of not winning the Korean War, helped Eisenhower win
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Bombs in Korea
More bombs were dropped in Korea than had been dropped in the entire Pacific theater in WW2
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Other effects of the Korean War
Nearly 4 million Koreans (Majority civilians) killed, injured or missing, Korean War strengthened executive power in USA without declaration and congress, strengthened Cold war mentality (Hight of the red scare), set stage for Vietnam
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What was the overall public opinion of the Korean War?
Not unpopular, many wanted to see USA do something about communism
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Ho Chi Mihn
Rhetorically fighting for Liberation of colonial powers as much as he was trying to establish a communist dictatorship in Vietnam
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USA and Ho
"Domino theory" they needed to stop Ho from turning Vietnam communist, didn't want another domino to fall, needed to be propped back up or it would fall to communism, USA didn't want Soviet Union to expand like Nazi Germany did
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USA support the French? Vraiment? Bizarre.....
No wonder they supported the French as they wanted to maintain their colonial empire of mini knock off baguette countries, and the Americans helped because they were blinded by their fear of communism.
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Eisenhower the president with a little common sense when it comes to war....(Don't know how much that will last though...)
Refuseeeeed to send troops or use atomic weapons (Well done Dwight)
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Geneva Accords
Supposed to set up elections to reunite North with South Vietnam (Divided since WW2) but America didn't let that happen
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Ngo Dinh Diem
USA voted for the repressive, elitist, Diem, was a catholic (In a majority Buddhist country), gov=Christian landowners corrupt and unpopular, poor Buddhists persecuted but was anti-communist so clearly its all good.
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1960 Vietnam
USA there as advisers, Americas job to advise army of the republic of Vietnam but this "advising" soon turned to shooting....
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First advisers killed under JFK's presidency, but most Americans called Vietnam LBJ's war
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Major escalation of troops Gulf of Tonkin, August 1964, North Korean attacked US warships, LBJ got congress to send more troops to "repel armed attack", Incident suggested to not have taken place
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Was Vietnam popular?
At the time of the war it was popular, nevertheless through time it got more and more unpopular and hated, no we know it was a bad idea
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James Patterson Quote
"Preventing communism after all remained the guiding star of American policy"
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"Operation rolling thunder"
As the American troops increased, so did the bombing, "Rolling thunder" began Spring 1965
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March 2nd 1965
That year 2 Marine battalion's sent to Danang airbase were sent there to attack the enemy.... that doesn't sound like much advising to me....
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LBJ yet another pathological LIAR
LBJ didn't tell the American public the troops had authorization -widening the credibility gap, one of the reasons the American people began to lack trust for the presidency
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Vietnam war Brutal?
Lots of ground fighting, jungle troops sent on search and destroy missions, sometimes it was difficult to tell enemy from civilians, jungle fighting and lots of bombing
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Agent Orange
Chemical Defoliants to get rid of the jungle- caused the deaths of people and even today people are paying the price of this mistake with children born with serious defects
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To burn trees, homes, people
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Vietnam first war brought to American living rooms (TV)- shocked by what they saw especially the M̃y lai massacre which happened 1968 but was only reported 1969
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Rich people..... ew
Draftees young and dis-proportionally from lower classes as enrollment in collage and grad school earned you a determent and WASP families could send children to Europe to get out of the burden of fighting, not even across socioeconomic class
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Protests were then caused cause rich people... ew
Americans aware of the unfair reasoning of who went to war, PROTEST PROTEST PROTEST, not everyone burning drafts etc but people were displeased to say the least
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1968- maybe 1970
Most American's supported the Vietnam war
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Nixon promised secret plan, 1. withdraw of troops to let them fight among'st themselves (running away) 2. more bombing (hulk smash) and cutting off supplies from Cambodia Ho Chi Minh trail
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How America ruined Cambodia in the process of withdrawal from the Vietnam war
When trying to cut of Vietnam supply line it destabilized Cambodia and helped Khmer Rorge to power= worst communism had to offer, forcing nearly all into communes and massacring 1/3 population
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Vietnam Veterans
Such as John Kerry (was nearly a president) in protests, 1971 new york times, pentagon papers, classified, shows how Gov. mislead public about war for years
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War powers act, supposed to limit presidents ability to send troops oversea's without approval, supposed to prevent another Gulf of Tonkin negotiation
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1973 Paris peace agreement
Let USA withdrawal troops
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Conflict between north and south Vietnam continued until 1975, finally North conquered south and made 1 single communist Vietnam
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The cost of the war
$100 billion, 58,000 Americans died and around 3 and 4 million Vietnamese people, civilians and soldiers
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