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People/groups to remember:
George Kennan Long telegram, US embassy in Moscow.
Franklin Roosevelt President (1933-1945), believed in co-operation with Soviets
after WW2.
Harry Truman President (1945-1953), was more hostile to SU than Roosevelt had
Dean Acheson Secretary of State. Defensive Perimeter Strategy. Part of LBJ's
"wise men".

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NLF National Liberation Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam. Established in
S.Vietnam in 1960.
PLAF/VC People's Liberation Armed Forces/Vietcong. The military wing of the NLF.
Nguyen Van Thieu Leader of S.V (1967-1975).

Joseph Stalin Communist dictator until his death in 1953.

Chaing Kai-Chek Nationalist leader in China.…



This would be useful as a glossary to aid revision of The USA in Asia. It is particularly useful for Edexcel Unit 1: Option D6.

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