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2. Level 3 AT 1 i

  • Recognise some religious stories
  • Retell some special stories about religious events and people
  • Make links between religious stories and beliefs
  • Describe and show understanding of religious sources, beliefs, ideas, feelings and experiences: making links between them

3. Level 4 AT 2 i

  • Make links to show how feelings and beliefs affect their behaviour and that of others
  • Show how own and others' decisions are informed by beliefs and values
  • Explain what beliefs and values inspire and influence them and others
  • Compare their own and other people's ideas about questions that are difficult to answer

4. AT1 ii

  • Beliefs, teachings and sources
  • Celebration and ritual
  • Engagement with questions of meaning and purpose
  • Engagement with own and others' beliefs and values

5. AT1 i

  • Engagement with own and others' beliefs and values
  • Beliefs, teachings and sources
  • Social and moral practices and way of life
  • Celebration and ritutal


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