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2. Who were the Women's Christian Temperance Union, and what did they believe?

  • They were a predominantly southern organisation that supported prohibition and believed in 'moderation in all things, and abstinence from anything harmful'.
  • They were a group of women who ran for government in protest of not being given equal rights.
  • They were a women groups that strongly advocated equal rights for women.
  • They were an organisation that offered voluntary help and aid for smuggling immigrant families in the early 1920's.

3. What census was the 1921 Immigration Act basing its 3% rule on?

  • 1911
  • 1891
  • 1900
  • 1914

4. What caused the revival of the KKK?

  • D.W Griffith's film 'birth of a nation'.
  • Increased immigration provoked more hatred.
  • 'The Klansman' a novel about the clans former glory, was published.
  • Pork pies

5. Overall, how much money was given out in tax reductions?

  • $12 Million
  • $3.5 Billion
  • $2.5 Billion
  • $18 Million


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