unit 3 building a business

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1. what is a buffer stock for?

  • a buffer stock is a way of guaranteeing their is always stock in place but not too much of it, new stock will be delivered just as the old stock runs out.
  • storage for the stock
  • hygiene of the store
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2. whats quality control?

  • this is making sure the product is of a high standard. and checking the productivity of the product at the end
  • step by step management in checking the quality

3. why is repeat purchase so important?

  • it increases the amount of sales of the product and less risk of declining
  • because you get to know the customer
  • because then we know the customer approves

4. what are the 4 P's of the marketing mix

  • price, print, peace, proud
  • product, price, promotion, place
  • product, play, print, pick
  • pick, pinch, promotion, play

5. what is the boston matrix for?

  • this allows a business to see how successful there product is in terms of its market share and growth
  • to give money to the business
  • to advertise business
  • to keep the business happy




A handy resource to check progress and make a change during a period of revision. Some of the questions are quite tricky and it will highlight areas that still need to be revised.

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