unit 3 building a business

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1. whats a just in time method?

  • it prevents stock being run out as stock is arrived just in time as it need it
  • turning up to work just in time
  • completing tasks just in time
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2. what are extension strategies?

  • these are used to try prevent sales going to decline e.g) developing a wider product range
  • extensions to the building
  • strategies when selling

3. what is outflows in a business?

  • this is money going out a business such as wages and bills
  • money spent on the building of the business

4. how can you improve cash flow?

  • you have to make the outflow decrease by minimising wages/bills etc.
  • you increase the outflow
  • you pay the staff better wages

5. what is inflow in a business?

  • this is cash coming into the business such as sales and sponsers
  • profit a business makes
  • overall cost total



A handy resource to check progress and make a change during a period of revision. Some of the questions are quite tricky and it will highlight areas that still need to be revised.

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