unit two: uk government key terms

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A set of laws and guidelines setting out how a political system works, and where power is located within the system
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A constitution in which laws and practices are set out in a single document.
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A constitution protected by a higher court and requiring special procedures to amend it.
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A political system where all legal
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Parliamentary soverignty
The principle that parliament can make, amend and unmake any law.
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Statute law
Law passed by parliament
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Common / Case law
Law made by Judges, when the law does not cover the issue or is unclear
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Traditions not contained in law but influential in the operation of a political system.
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The dispersal of power, but not sovereignty in a political system.
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Reforms under Blair's New Labour (1997-2008)
HOL reform (2000)
Human Rights act,
Creation of Supreme court (2005)
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Reforms under the coalition government (2010-2015)
HOL reform and HOC boundary reform,
AV referendum (2011),
Fixed Term Parliament act (2011)
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MPs not in a ministerial or shadow-ministerial position.
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What are the three functions of parliament?
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Select committees
Backbench MPs who can spend time and focus on issues outside of parliament in groups who are also knowledgeable in those areas.
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Salisbury convention (1945)
The convention whereby the HOL does not delay or block legislation that was included in a governments manifesto.
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When was the removal of most of the Hereditary peers in the HOL
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Government or Public bill
The most important type of proposal that can be debated in parliament. These bills are bought forward by government ministers
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Private bill
A bill sponsored by an organisation such as a company or local authority with intention of changing the law.
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Hybrid bill
Has characteristics of both a public and private bill. It proposes changes to the law which would affect the general public but certain groups in particular.
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Private Members bill
Introduced by a Backbencher or a member of the HOL.
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What is the route for a bill to become law?
First reading,
Second reading,
Committee stage,
Report stage,
Third reading
(In both HOC then HOL)
Then Royal Assent
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First reading
Bill is made available to MPs but is not debated or voted on at this stage.
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Second reading
Principle of the bill is debated and a vote may be taken if it is contested.
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Committee stage
Bill scrutinised in detail by a Public bill committee. Amendment's may be at this stage.
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Report stage
Whole House considers amendments made at the committee stage and may accept or reject them.
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Third reading
Amended bill is debated and voted on by the whole house.
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HOL stages:
The same stages as the commons with an exception of the committee stage.
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Royal assent
Monarch signs the bill, making it law.
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PM and Cabinet
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The group of senior ministers, chaired by the PM which is the main collective decision making body in the government.
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Government Department
example health, education, foreign office, home office.
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Three main roles of the executive:
Proposing legislation,
Proposing the budget,
Making policy decisons.
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Royal prerogative
A set of powers and privileges belonging to the monarch but normally exercised by the PM or Cabinet, such as granting of honours or legal pardons
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Collective Ministerial responsibility
Principle by which minister must support Cabinet decisions or leave the executive.
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Individual Ministerial responsibility
The principle by which Ministers are responsible for their personal conduct for their departments.
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Presidential government + example
an executive dominated by one individual.
Tony Blair (1997-2008)
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Supreme court
highest court in the UK political system
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