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Current Situation
Head of state ­ Queen Elizabeth ll
Coalition Government
Prime minister ­ David Cameron
Deputy Prime minister ­ Nick Clegg
Cabinet -18 conservative 5 Liberal democrat
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Outline two constitutional
reforms proposed by Labour 2010 .
· The introduction of the alternative vote for
elections to the Commons.
· Replacing the current House of Lords with a
second chamber elected using PR.
· The introduction of a written constitution to
strengthen the operation of the Human rights
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describe three sources of the UK
· Historical Documents (magna cater)- Give the
guidelines from history and are a benchmark of
basic constitutional rules.
· Common law- They determine the legality of
constitutional proposals and government has to
comply with common law.
· European Treaties (Lisbon & Mastricht)- They
explain the amount of power that the UK can
receive from Europe and what Europe expects of
the UK.…read more

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