Transport: Road pricing and combating road congestion

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1. _______ is when demand exceeds supply on a given network at a given time period e.g. rush hours, school holidays etc.

  • Peaking
  • Congestion
  • Excess demand
  • Loading
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2. Road pricing has been introduced in Singapore. In the first year, it saw a ____ fall in peak traffic, a reduction in the number of multiple trips in the charging zone and improved vehicle speeds.

  • 16%
  • 18%
  • 20%
  • 25%

3. ____________ can become a more effective substitute for the private car where the system is reliable, efficient, clean and safe with a high degree of connectivity. True of many urban systems in e.g. France, Germany

  • Public transport
  • Private transport
  • Taxi services

4. What are the problems of road pricing?

  • High set up costs of introducing and controlling road pricing, opportunity cost of this, cars - highly price inelastic - substitutes unreliable, displacement of road traffic, external costs to third parties
  • High set up costs, opportunity cost of this, cars - highly price elastic, displacement theory, social costs to third parties

5. Prices would start from as little as ____ a mile on rural country lanes. The maximum price would be _____ on busy motorways like the M25 at peak times.

  • 2p, 1.34
  • 4p,1.26
  • 3p,1.40


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