Tackling Road Congestion

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  • Road Congestion
    • Road Pricing
      • Road users already pay a large variety of taxation - fuel tax etc.
      • However, taxation fails because it doesn't result in the true cost
        • Road users already pay a large variety of taxation - fuel tax etc.
      • Users  pay a direct charge for the use of a particular road (at a particular time)
      • They range in complexities but in the UK mostly congestion charging
      • Internalises the externality - the polluter pays
      • The rate of the charge is complex to decide
    • Building More Roads
      • Demand exceeds supply so increase supply
      • 'Predict and Provide'
        • Underpinning reason for mass motorway building from 1960s onwards
      • Increase in traffic has always been greater than increase in roads
      • 2010 - ten-year plan to build 360 miles + 100 new bypasses
      • environmental concerns
      • Short term solution
    • Public Transport Development
      • Theoretically a substitute but not in practice
      • London (90% entering use public transport
      • It is popular when it is clean and effective - hence Europe
      • Often involve huge subsidies
      • Create a move to more environmentally acceptable - sustainable - modes of transport


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