Transition metals + ammonia & NaOH - Edexcel chemistry a2

Hello guys, this is a quiz about PERCIPITATE COLOURS for reactions of transition metals with OH- and NH3, as well as in water. It is specifically suited to the Edexcel A2 unit 5 specification (chemsitry) but can be used for any. :)

N.B. the colours vary according to what textbook you use, I've used the ones in the official Edexcel textbook rather than the revision guide. 

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1. When MORE OH- is added to a Zinc with OH- solution is added, what is observed?

  • White ppt dissolves to form a colourless solution
  • Colourless ppt dissolves to form a white solution
  • No change from a white ppt
  • No change from a colourless ppt
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2. What colour is the Cr3+ ion in water?

  • Blue solution
  • Violet solution
  • Violet precipitate
  • Blue precipitate

3. Which two transition metal (ions) produce white precipitates in reactions both with OH- and NH3? (not in excess)

  • Mangante and Copper (II)
  • Manganate and Zinc
  • Nickel and Zinc
  • Zinc and Iron (III)

4. Only Zinc and Chronium react to produce a different colour with excess OH- added.

  • True
  • False

5. What is observed when Iron (II) reacts with sodium hydroxide or NH3?

  • Brown precipitate
  • Green precipitate
  • Green precipitate which redissolves to form a green solution
  • Blue precipitate


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