transition metals

Goes briefly through most sections of transition metals-hope it helps in your revision!

sorry about the weird notation of substances!- I have used ^ for any charges, some of the incorrect answers are made up words that sound similar :)

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1. what observation is seen with a 3+ complex and sodium carbonate

  • colour change to green
  • fizzing
  • colour change to blue
  • flame on surface
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2. What are the side effects of using cisplatin as a cancer treatment

  • damage to hair cells,neutrophils and sometimes kidneys
  • damage to hair cells and red blood cells
  • damage to red blood cells only
  • damage to neutrophils and skin cells

3. What is the colour of (Fe(H2O)6)^3+

  • yellow
  • green
  • blue
  • colourless

4. what shape is formed when large ligands eg Chloride ions bond to a transition metal ion

  • trigonal planar
  • square planar
  • tetrahedral
  • octohedral

5. cis platin takes what shape

  • octohedral
  • square planar
  • tetrahedral
  • trigonal planar


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