transition metals

Goes briefly through most sections of transition metals-hope it helps in your revision!

sorry about the weird notation of substances!- I have used ^ for any charges, some of the incorrect answers are made up words that sound similar :)

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1. what can EDTA^4- be used for

  • removal of poisons from catalysts
  • treatment for heavy metal poisoning
  • treatment for cancer
  • nothing- it is completely useless waste of space
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2. which of the following is not a property of transition metals

  • variable oxidation states
  • good catalysts
  • highly stable, inert elements
  • forms coloured complexes

3. what is added to dichromate ions in order to form chromium(III) ions

  • Ruducing Agent
  • Oxidising agent
  • Catalyst
  • water

4. what shape does a complex with a coordination number of 6 usually form

  • ditrigonal planar
  • octohedral
  • tetrahedral
  • hexahedral

5. cis platin takes what shape

  • octohedral
  • trigonal planar
  • square planar
  • tetrahedral


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