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2. My mother did not

  • love you! SHE ONLY
  • blossom long
  • go to Lidl yesterday! What are you saying
  • kill any tigers

3. My Father lost me to The Beast in

  • the 2016 Brazil olympics
  • cards
  • Washington DC
  • a long narrow corridor w/ a flickering candle

4. If you are careless of your treasures, you should

  • expect them to be taken away from you
  • maybe find the reference to this quote
  • make a map
  • see your daughter as an individual like I do

5. I could scarcely believe my ears. I

  • ... I... I am the beast and... you must call me the beast?
  • followed my heart instead
  • let out a raucous guffaw
  • they always talk to me in this untruthful manner


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