Who wrote about it...?
Herodotus, Histories 7.201-234
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480 BC
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Which King...?
Leonidas, Agidae.
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What Greek forces...?
Spartan, Thespian, Tegean, Mantinean, Theban, Arcadian, Mycenean, Phoician, Locrian, Corinthian, Phlieons.
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Spartan 300 all had...?
Sons. Were willing to die their name would be carried on.
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Oracle told Leonidas...?
Sparta would burn, if he didn't die.
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An Advanced Guard...?
Went first. Sparta was delayed by the Karneia, the Olympics delayed the other Greeks.
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Thought to be Medizing (on Persian side) by Leonidas- takes hostages. (Herodotus dislikes Thebes)
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Xerxes of Persia sends a...?
Spy: sees the Greeks grooming themselves.
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He consults...?
Demaratus: They are preparing to die.
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He waits...?
4 days, expecting the Greeks to flee.
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Day 1 of battle (on 5th day of waiting)...?
Xerxes sends the Medes and Kissians to bring the Greeks back alive
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The Medes...?
Lose- Greeks make it clear: Xerxes' army is large, but unskillful compared to the Greek forces.
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The Immortals were...?
Sent and beaten, proving Spartan fighting supremecy esp. with the feigned retreat.
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Day 2...?
Persians rebuffed by Greece's rotating forces.
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Day 3...?
Local man EPHIALTES betrays the Greeks, revealing a path through the mountain.
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The path would allow...?
Persia to outflank / surround the Greeks.
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Who marched to the path...?
The Immortals, under HYDARNES.
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They scattered...?
The Phocians guarding the path.
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The Greeks...?
Realise they are surrounded.
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Sends home all but his 300 Spartans, 700 Thespians and 400 Thebans. The Thespians wanted to stay, but the Thebans had to be kept as hostages.
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The Greeks move...?
From the defensive, narrowest part of the Hot Gates, and attack the Persians recklessly.
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Is killed, fight over his body- the Greeks dragged it away from the melée.
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Spartans and Thespians retreat...?
To the narrowest part of the road, defending themselves with their daggers, hands and teeth.
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Pelted and killed with...?
Missiles and arrows.
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Switch sides- admit medizing to Xerxes. (Herodotus' predisposition?)
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Persian losses...?
20,000 men.
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Spartan, "We will fight them in the shade."
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Blind Spartan, fights blindly to death.
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Also a blind Spartan, goes home, and 'received angrily.'
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