The varieties of religious experiences (William James)

How many distinguishing features of a mystial religious did James find?
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Name an acronym that will help you remember them:
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Name the 4 features:
1. Passive 2.Ineffable 3.Noetic 4.Transient.
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James indetified what he felt was going on during a mystical experience. This is an...
....existential judgement.
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What is an existential judgement?
A philisophical judgement dealing with existence, origin and the nature of things.
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Excluding existential judgement, James studied what religious experiences meant for the...
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According to James, what 3 ways do religious experiences have a significant impact on a recipient?
1.They have great authority for the person 2. are understood by the recipient to be very real. 3. can bring about long lasting change in the person's life.
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Although Freud would argue that religious experiences could be a product of neurosis, what does James suggest?
Although religious experiences are a part of a person's psyche, there might be a supernatural element also.
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What can James's approach to religious experiences be described as?
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Therefore, he believes that empirically experiencing religion.....
...can count as proof for the existence of religion.
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Finish James' quotation: "these events point with reasonable probability to...
...the continuity of our consciousness with a wider, spiritual environment."
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However, James was very careful to conclude that the religious experiences he studied did not act as proof for...
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Finish the quotation to support this: "religious experience cannot be cited unequivocally supporting...
...the infinitist belief."
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As James's intention is not to prove the existence of God from his studies....
....he takes an objective approach to what he finds.
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Whilst the noetic feature of religious experiences may leave the onlooker no wiser as to what happens... may be the case that description of it in ordinary languagae is not possible.
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James does not suggest that religious experiences overtake the human psyche, but...
...includes emotions and feelings as part of the evidence for a religious experience.
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However, James' conclusions about religious experiences are so broad that...
...religious experience could include drug induced hallucinations.
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If religious experiences are real, why do people involved in different religions.....
experience very different revelations.
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The doctrine (teachings) of religion seems to determine the type of...
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For example: The cross and...
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Name an acronym that will help you remember them:



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Name the 4 features:


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James indetified what he felt was going on during a mystical experience. This is an...


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What is an existential judgement?


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