A fun quiz about the constitution!

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1. Which of these is not a source of the UK constitution?

  • Bill of Rights
  • EU Laws and Treaties
  • Statute Law
  • Convention
  • Works of Authority
  • Common Law
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2. What is a constitution?

  • Rules that the current government defines
  • A set of rules of which to govern by
  • A law that every country must have to be democratic
  • The building government debates in

3. Is the UK constitution Codified or Uncodified?

  • Uncodified
  • Codified
  • Neither

4. What is the definition of Unitary Conistution?

  • A constitution that concentrates soverign power in a single body of national goverment
  • A constitution that is based on the principle of shared sovereignity, in that there are two relatively autonomous levels of government, the national/federal and the regional/state

5. Which of these is not a weakness of the constitution?

  • Easy to manipulate
  • Can be adapted to cultural changes
  • Judges make decisions


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