The tiger's bride quotes

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My father...
My father lost me to the beast at cards
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The lion...
The lion lies down with the lamb
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The snow...
The snow comes and you can't escape it
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Rids himself...
Rids himself of all the last scraps of my inheritance
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He wears...
He wears a mask with a man's face painted most beautifully on ot
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My father valued...
My father valued me at no less than a king's ransom; but at no more than a king's ransom
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A rose...
A rose all smeared with blood
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The beast...
The beast bought solitude, not luxury
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My master's...
My master's sole desire is to see the pretty young lady unclothed
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A tear!...
A tear! A tear, I hoped for shame
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You are...
You are a woman of honour
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A single...
A single fold earring, perfect as a tear
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Humiliating bargain
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The lamb...
The lamb must learn to run with the tigers
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Nothing about...
Nothing about him reminded me of humanity
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Show I...
Show I would do him no harm
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Far more...
Far more firghtened of me than i was of him
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I shrugged...
I shrugged the drops off my beautiful fur
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glossy nut-brown curls, my rosy cheeks
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I have lost...
I have lost my pearl, my pearl beyond price
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Had i...
Had i not been allotted only the same kind of imitative life amongst men as the doll maker had given her?
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The lion...


The lion lies down with the lamb

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The snow...


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Rids himself...


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He wears...


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