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6. Darwin's book was called 'The Origin of Species'?

  • True
  • False

7. Hume argues further that, if a house and universe are similar, just as we'd blame the builder for a faulty house can we blame a faulty designer.. why does Paley disagree?

  • Paley did not dispute this argument, Flew did
  • the issue was whether the universe showed design and not quality concerning the design
  • a builder cannot be forever responsible for problems as time creates problems, the world began perfect
  • this argument would be inconsistent with his rejection of analogy

8. Who argued that the world was far too much of a coincidence? (1 in 10 million x 23)

  • Swinburne
  • Dawkins
  • Flew
  • Paley

9. What was the issue of using Paley's watch analogy with God?

  • We cannot use language to describe God so we cannot describe him with something we can describe
  • If you do not believe elements of the analogy are comparable, you cannot argue that the causes are similar and the analogy would not work
  • Effectively, God created watches
  • Watches are the effects of evolution, over millions of years people were unable to create such, and as skills passed it was learnt and so is not applicable with God

10. Is Hume doubting the belief in God in the teleological argument?

  • No, only that it cannot show God exists
  • Yes as there are other reasons to explain design
  • Yes, there is no God

11. Who put forward the 'aesthetic argument?'

  • Tennant
  • Swinburne
  • Aquinas
  • Paley

12. What was the 'anthropic principle'?

  • such conditions (in reply to evolution) cannot be down to chance
  • beauty is existing around the world which cannot be due to natural selection
  • if the world was due to chance and natural selection then why are there still malfunctions in human life