The shape shifter called water

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1. how are hail stones formed

  • ice joins together
  • height of thunderclouds cause the rain to freeze
  • the weather is so cold
  • they fall from thunderclouds
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2. hail is made of

  • deformed ice
  • a fraction of ice
  • layers
  • snow

3. what do we mistake hailstone for

  • ice
  • we don't mistake it, it is hail
  • ice pellets
  • snow

4. Hailstones are found in

  • depends on the weather
  • the winter
  • the summer
  • all year round

5. What type of friction breaks the rain into smaller, less powerful fractions?

  • distance
  • air resistance
  • air friction
  • nothing does, it just stays the same


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