The October Manifesto and the Fundamental Laws

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1. What was article 87?

  • It stated the supreme autocratic power of the Tsar
  • It gave the Tsar the power to issue decrees in exceptional circumstances
  • It stated that the ministers answered to the Tsar and not the Duma
  • It gave the Tsar the power to dissolve the Duma
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2. When were the Fundamental Laws issued?

  • April 1906
  • September 1906
  • March 1907
  • February 1905

3. What did the Tsar promise in the October Manifesto?

  • a Duma, controlled by himself
  • civil rights and a Duma, elected by the people
  • civil rights such as freedom of speech, assembly and conscience

4. How did the liberals react to the October Manifesto?

  • they refused to participate in the Duma
  • they split into the Octobrists and the Kadets
  • they split into the Kadets and the Intelligentsia

5. To whom were voting rights given?

  • All nobles and no peasants
  • Every man over the age of 25
  • Every man over the age of 20
  • All men and women over the age of 30


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