The Iliad - Events of Book 6 Quiz


1. What does Andromache do as soon as Hector leaves?

  • She mourns for him because she believes he will die.
  • She visits Priam to seek reassurance.
  • She calls for the hand maidens to take the child.
  • She visits Helen to seek reassurance.
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2. When Paris returns to battle, what does he think Hector is doing at the city walls?

  • Waiting for the soothsayer.
  • Fleeing war.
  • Waiting for him.
  • Watching the battle.

3. Who tells Hector to visit his mother and request she pray to Athene?

  • Helen.
  • Priam.
  • A soothsayer.
  • Aphrodite.

4. Who does Hector visit last on his trip to Ilium?

  • Priam and the elders.
  • His mother.
  • His wife and son.
  • Paris and Helen.

5. Why are the Greeks able to advance on Ilium in this book?

  • Zeus is helping them.
  • The gods are absent.
  • Nestor has organised troops well.
  • Hector is absent.


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