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Virgil's Aeneid

I. Is there a basis in actual Roman prehistory? Possibly.
II. How Virgil appropriates Homer's epics
A. Uses Homer's way of organizing narrative
1. Long verse narrative (12 books vs. 24)
2. Overarching plot that organizes a variety of stories
3. Strong horizontal forward movement
4. Begins in…

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IV. The Aeneid is, essentially, imperial propaganda
A. Commissioned by Augustus, completed after Virgil's death (19 B.C.)
on Augustus' orders
B. Chief theme: being pius (dutiful and loyal to one's family, past and
1. Aeneas' relationship with Dido
a. Passionate toward her, but obeys Mercury ("oak in a storm"…

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i. Augustus took the title Divus
ii. Cult soon involves making sacrifices to the emperor


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