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2. Why do the Ventricles have a thick muscular wall?

  • It pumps blood a long distance
  • It is the most used part of the heart
  • It pumps blood a long distance
  • It isn't used very much

3. What do the Coronary arteries do?

  • They supply the heart muscle with oxygen
  • They supply the heart with carbon dioxide
  • They keep the heart beating
  • They don't do anything

4. What can a blockage of the Coronary Arteries do?

  • Can lead to a myocardial Infarction
  • Can cause death
  • It has no effect on the heart
  • It increases the amount of blood flow to the heart

5. What does the Vena Cava do?

  • Transports blood back from the lungs
  • Transports blood to the lungs
  • Transports blood back from the body tissues
  • Transports blood to all of the body


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