The Drift Towards War following the French Revolution

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1. What did Louis and Marie Antoinette predict would be the outcome of war?

  • France would defeat Austria but not Prussia
  • France would be victorious
  • France would be defeated
  • All sides would form a truce
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2. What did Robespierre and the Jacobins believe about war?

  • It could result in a military dictatorship
  • It would lead to Popular Sovereignty across Europe
  • It could result in Louis returning to his position as absolute monarch
  • It would lead to a Republic of Europe

3. What was forming in Austria before France demanded it be disbanded?

  • An Emigres Army
  • An Army of European Nobles
  • An Austrian/Prussian Army
  • An Austrian Naval Force

4. Which rumour was widespread amongst French civilians at the time?

  • That the Feuillants and Girondin had unionised and planned to form a counter-revolution
  • That Louis and Marie Antoinette were going to attempt a second flee to Austria
  • That the Foreign Policies were being run by people plotting counter-revolution
  • That the Jacobins were planning a coup d'etat in Paris

5. Why did France think that the original reason for going to war had been removed?

  • Most emigres had returned to France having been threatened with arrest
  • The Emigres Army in Austria had been disbanded
  • The National Guard had defeated the Austrian Army
  • The Emigres Army in France was becoming powerful


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