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Who worked on the human genome project?
Thousands of scientists from all over the world
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What was their big idea?
To find every single human gene
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When did the project officially start?
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When was the complete map of the human genome completed?
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What does that map include?
The locations of around 20,500 genes
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What are scientists trying to figure out now?
What they all do
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What has the project helped us to identify?
About 1800 genes related to disease
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What has that done? (what benefits?)
Huge potential benefits for medicine
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What are many common diseases like cancers and heart diseases caused by?
The interaction of different genes , as well as lifestyle factors.
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Why would the human genome project be useful to doctors?
If they knew what genes predisposed people to what diseases (put people at risk of what diseases), we could all get individually tailored advice on the best diet and lifestyle to avoid our likely problems.
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Why could doctors also be able to check us regularly?
To ensure early treatment if we do develop the diseases we are susceptible to.
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What are inherited disorders caused by?
The presence of one or more faulty alleles in a person's genome
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What are the scientists now able to do faster (thanks to the HGP)?
Identify the genes and alleles that are suspected of causing an inherited disorder
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What can happen once an allele that causes an inherited disorder has been identified? (2 things)
People can be tested for it. May be possible to develop better treatments or a cure for the disease.
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What has the human genome project highlighted?
Some common genetic variations between people.
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What do some of these variations affect?
How our individual bodies will react to certain diseases and to the possible treatments for them.
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How can scientists use this knowledge?
To design new drugs that are specifically tailored to people with a particular genetic variation
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What can scientists also determine?
How well an existing drug will work for an individual.
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What can tests identify?
Whether they will respond to the drug and what dosage is appropriate
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More generally, what does the HGP make possible?
Designing more effective treatments with less side-effects
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Name three drawbacks
Increased stress, Gene-ism, Discrimination
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Why increased stress?
If someone knew from an early age that they're susceptible to a brain disease, they could panic every time they got a headache.
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Why gene-ism?
People with genetic problems could come under pressure not to have children
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Why discrimination?
Life insurance could become impossible to get (or more expensive) if you have any genetic likelihood of serious disease. And employers may discriminate against those who are genetically likely to get the disease.
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How could information from the Human Genome Project be used to help prevent individuals from developing certain diseases? [2 marks]
A person's genes can be used to help predict what diseases they're most at risk of developing [1 mark]. This means that they could be given lifestyle and diet advice to help prevent them from getting the diseases [1 mark].
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What was their big idea?


To find every single human gene

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When did the project officially start?


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When was the complete map of the human genome completed?


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What does that map include?


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