The Highway Code

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1. How should you approach a roundabout?

  • just go
  • Notice all info, give late signal get into correct lane, drive on
  • Notice all the info around you inc: Traffic signs Lights & Lane markings, decide exit early, give appropriate signal - timed well get into correct lane
  • Notice all info get into any lane - doesn't matter which
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2. On a 3 lane DUAL carriageway when may you use the Middle lane/ Right lane

  • To race your mates
  • To overtake. Afterwards, aim to go back to the middle then left
  • To drive straight on
  • To avoid traffic

3. What should you do at ALL stages on a roundabout?

  • Stop dead
  • Nothing
  • Drive on

4. How should I position at intermediate exit on roundabout?

  • waver around the roundabout, annoying other road users
  • Don't give priority to those on the right and get into a car crash.
  • Select appropriate lane, Don't signal on approach, stay in lane, signal when leaving
  • stay left then move over to the right cutting across other cars :)

5. On a 3 lane SINGLE carriageway what is the middle lane used for?

  • Revving the engine
  • Only overtaking or turning right
  • Going straight ahead
  • Turning left


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