SwanSong Revision

A few basic questions that may come up in an exam, If you want more email [email protected] with your questions :) Thanks


1. Who Choreographer Swansong?

  • Christopher Bruce
  • Bruce Marks
  • Mark Bruce
  • Christopher Marks
  • Bruce Christopher
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2. Swansong was created in 1978

  • False
  • True

3. Who Composed the music for Swansong?

  • David Smith
  • Philip Chambon
  • Clair Armitage
  • Sophy Smith
  • David Mohr

4. What are the 4 props used?

  • Plastic chair, cigarette, canes and a red nose
  • Wooden chair, canes, cigarette and a red nose
  • Plastic chair,red nose, cigar and a hat
  • Plastic chair, cigarette, canes and a hat
  • Wooden Chair, Cigar, Walking stick and red nose

5. The pathway of light is used as freedom and a guide for the victim.

  • True
  • False


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